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Whether you're a member or not, Apex Medicine can help you with any number of our concierge services. Be it a quick phone call, or a full at-home physical, we offer a wide range of services to help keep you either at your peak or on your way to reaching it. Take a look below to explore each option and whenever you're ready, we will be too.

  • 24-hour on-call, at home visits
  • Comprehensive, multi-tiered history and physical - customized wellness action plan
  • Priority, direct access to curated list of leading specialists
  • Same day appointments
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24-Hour, on-call At Home Visits

Apex Medicine offers 24-hour, on-call at home visits for you or your family. No more driving, and no more waiting rooms.

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Botox & Fillers

Whether you're looking to treat migraines or just wanting to look your best, Apex Medicine has both Botox and fillers ready for you.

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Executive Physical

Apex Medicine offers a Comprehensive, multi-tiered history and physical. After discerning the data, we can use it to create a customized wellness action plan to keep you on track to reaching your body's peak.

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Mental and Cognitive Health

We offer mental and cognitive health services to ensure your mind is just as healthy as your body.

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Priority access to leading specialists

A fast-pass to wellness, we have a personally curated list of the leading specialists in any field and priority access to them.

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Same Day Appointments

Apex Medicine offers same day appointments. So if something really can't wait, we've got you.

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Laboratory Sciences

We offer a variety of in-home and office lab tests to help identify deficiencies or issues and develop a plan to optimize wellness.

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Exercise Physiology

Apex Medicine can help you identify any problems with your body that may cause you to not be at your peak.

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Sleep Health

Trouble sleeping? Apex Medicine offers a variety of diagnostics and treatments to get you back to waking up healthy and alert.

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Whether you need a prescription written or renewed, Apex Medicine can get you exactly what you need.

Today is the day you begin your journey to reach your body's true peak. Take the first step by contacting us.
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